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We are still waiting for you - Don't cancel, reschedule your trip

The world is facing a new reality - pandemic is the word of the moment and our whole way of life is changing. In the face of all this, we must adapt and act in a positive and constructive way. This also means thinking about the future, while waiting for the things we like to do the most. Different Portugal is not at all indifferent to this situation and so we ask you to reflect, for the good of us all.

If travelling and getting to know new places, cultures and people is part of your preferences, do not worry that you will be able to do all this again, once we return to normality. Portugal is waiting for your visit and if you had an appointment to travel to our country, please do not cancel it, think about rescheduling it, if you can, of course.

As you may know, Portugal is known for being a country that knows how to receive, that likes to make known what we have best. For this reason, tourism has a prominent place in our economy. During this pandemic, tourism has been one of the most affected sectors and the best way to help those who work and live from this sector is to continue making travel plans. We know that the coming times are still uncertain and that is the scariest thing, but the best way to stay positive is to keep thinking about the future with a smile. In this sense, you should continue to think about your tourist itinerary, thinking about what you would like to do during your stay in Portugal.

If you have any questions or simply want to share your travel plans with us, feel free to do so. Tell us how we can help you. Different Portugal will be here to welcome you when it is safe to travel again.

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